Sales Management

Business Optimization

“It is all about the relationship”. How many times have you cringed hearing this statement. A sales manager tells the owner that even though sales are down 20%, that they love us and we are their drinking buddies. Relationships are important and many times they will give you a last look or a second chance when a problem surfaces, but they will not make you money. Whether you are the kingpin in your industry or a one-week start-up, finding a good Sales Management Structure does not have to break the bank. Effectively, your team needs to know what the goal is and the resources to get there. A really good sales manager gets out of their way and supports them rather than demean them.

Thrive has over 100 years of combined sales experience and we know what is important to your sales team and what is important to you. We will create process that will not only exceed sales projections, but will retain you top sales people and give the executive management team a clear idea as to how the day to day activities are going. Strategy, Implementation, Communication…the keys to success!