Sales and Marketing Strategy

Business Optimization

The biggest error in a Sales & Marketing Strategy is basing future sales solely on past performance. While history is critical in understand a trend, many other factors contribute to the next 12-month success. Thrive’s experience in forecasting sales is impeccable. Our success in creating an accurate forecast is not only based on identifying scientific trends, but through the continued Input from the customers and sales team. Other financial factors are considered, however it is in the weighting of the inputs that creates a clearer crystal ball.

With an better understanding of where you have been paired with an accurate forecast of where you will be, the rest of the Sales & Marketing Strategy can fall into place easily with proven “blocking and tackling” methods appropriate to your industry. “Presentation with Demonstration is simply Conversation”. This phrase applies to almost any industry and simply means that if your sales team is only showing up with their opinion of the company and the unique selling proposition, your strategy is doomed. “Good Ole” Sales Demonstration is still as effective today as it was 100 years ago, yet many do not understand the effectiveness of putting the product in the hands of the customer or letting them experience your service for free. Nobody likes to be “sold” but everyone has a reason to buy. Thrive can identify those customer needs and create a Sales & Marketing Campaign that not only draws attention to the company, but allows the target consumer to buy without being “sold.”

The Sales & Marketing Program created by Thrive will use the previously vetted data to develop an environment that causes your consumer to WANT to by. Whether you are on a completely virtual platform or only brick and mortar, Thrive will partner with you to create the best Sales & Marketing Campaign.