Research and Development

Business Optimization

Unfortunately, the most critical part of finding success in any industry is the same area most businesses fail to invest. Imagine trying to plan a trip without understanding the destination. You can easily look at your bank account, create a road map to get to an assumed destination only to find when you arrive nothing was there, or at least not what you though it would be. Your business plan is no different.

You cannot afford to solely relay on published data as it is already being used by your competition. In most cases the people doing the data may not have come from the same industry and key questions that align with you unique selling proposition are not even being asked. It was once said that if Henry Ford asked the general public what they wanted they would have said “a faster horse”. Had Henry Ford used Thrive, we would have asked a lot more questions about a mass-produced car. Thrive will take the time to understand what you believe to be your unique selling proposition to be, whether it be price, product, promotion, place or even people. We will use our resources to see if the target customer base aligns their “wants and needs” with your product and service offering. In doing so, we will conduct our own interviews through in person, phone, email, and survey efforts. With this data, we will conduct a true objective study to ensure the value proposition resonates and to what price the consumer sees a value. Without this first hand data, your business strategy is already gambling on the perceived outcome.